I seem to be hit by my first winter cold this season, and I’m showing it. Despite big plans, Saturday’s biggest accomplishment was going out for a walk with Ben and Hudson. Early evening found me surrounded by handwork and other projects on the couch, but instead, I spent my time with my head back, snoring.

Today though, I figured if I could sit while I sewed, instead of standing at my work table, I’d probably be able to get more done. I dragged out my machine to the kitchen, made a pot of tea and actually got a few things done. It wasn’t the sewing blow-out that I had hoped for, but I’m okay with that for now.

snow watch

I can’t help but be a little excited too–they’re calling for up to a foot of snow here by Wednesday. Let’s just say that the adults at school wouldn’t mind a little mid-week snow day…possibly even more so than the kids would. My fingers are already crossed.

2 Thoughts on “on a sunday

  1. You’ve so got my sympathies, m’dear. I’ve been battling a cold since Wednesday, mostly knitting and coccooning.

  2. Hope you get your snow day so you can enjoy more tea;)

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