Despite winter being AWFUL right now (the windchills were so low today we couldn’t even go out for recess today at school) it was finally sunny, all day long. It helped break up the monotony of what has felt like weeks of cold, gray depressing-ness.

I rushed home to take some natural light photographs in my warm kitchen so that I can begin listing the items that I have left over from my holiday shows in my Etsy shop this evening and through the weekend. I only got about 5 items photographed, but the sun felt so good through the window while it lasted.

I hope you too find warmth and color on this winter weekend. Happy Friday.

5 Thoughts on “need a little color?

  1. Caleb and I kept looking longingly through the window yesterday. It looked like such a nice day, but it was way too cold to take the little guy outside. I was so good to see the sun!

  2. I should have done that with my left over bags… You were thinking!! I think I was in shock that that there was so much sun.

  3. LOVE IT! I always have fun with hexies! Glad you got a little sun and warm rays.

  4. Hello! I’ve only been a follower a short while, but I wanted to share with you a little award that was given to me. I just wanted to share the love with some blogs that I’ve really enjoyed over the last few months!

  5. Did you do that with paper piecing?

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