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I’m back to working on my 9 Patch quilt top, and I’m having a lot of trouble making up my mind with how I really want to finish it.

After last week’s debate over whether or not to add more blocks, I’ve finally decided that I’d be upset with myself if I left it as is, and have begun making more blocks. I’m happy enough with the way the blocks are turning out, but I just feel like I could be doing more with this design.


I’m considering making the top a little more in-depth by adding more white lines and simple blocks in the centers of sashings. As much as I think it could look neat, I’m just not sold on it. If I add too much I feel as though it could look messy and cluttered instead of sleek. BUT, if I leave the top as is, I know it would look fine. My concern is that I will always be thinking that I could have done something more with it to make it different and more unique. I’m just frustrated with it.

I’ll continue to weigh out my options after I finish the rest of the blocks. Feel free to input with your suggestions and ideas.

4 Thoughts on “options and possiblities

  1. Have you considered that maybe you have more than 1 quilt’s worth of colors? I love the individual blocks, but they don’t seem really unified as a whole. Could this be what has been bothering you? Maybe you should do some editing.

  2. I like the existing design as sketched. This may be the time to think about the quilting, and whether or not you really want to highlight that; the current design leves a bit of room for fanciful quilting, where a tighter design might narrow your quilting options. (Or it might in my mind anyhow!)

  3. I think it’s retro and funky and I love it! I would consider a more simple layout because the fabric is so awesome that it can stand on its own and doesn’t need a lot of extra added to it.

  4. Your work is beautiful! I am so inspired now.. I’m going to fabric.com from now on! Your color choices are splendid!

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