I am insanely fed up with being at a creative block.

2.13.11 rectangles

Today, out of sheer frustration for not making progress on anything, I forced myself to start cutting pieces for….something. I don’t even know what I’m making. I just felt that if I didn’t do anything, that I’d feel even more behind and blocked. I’m not sure it really helped. I’m doubting choices in colors and sizes and I don’t even know what I’d like for it to become.

green, brown and white

Yesterday I spent the majority of my time in the sewing room looking at what I have, and not being able to make any decisions. Finally, I cut up some green, brown and white 3 inch, half square triangles and sewed them together to work on a bag idea I had some time ago. I wasn’t happy with the colors together, and so now they’re just sitting and waiting for me to decide what I should do with them. I don’t know though.

lunch sacks

I should be spending my time working on my half-finished lunch sacks, but after a series of pretty major mistakes in the process of making them, I’m frustrated with them. I’d like to finish them and get them off to their respective new homes, but I’m overwhelmed with finishing them.

I’m genuinely frustrated with my mindset these days. I want to work on projects and make strides in finishing things, but I’m having a lot of issues with self-doubt and second guessing. I’m having a lot of trouble shaking that feeling and just getting on with the making process.

(Finally, to wrap up my last post about my oops fabric–it has gone to a good home. A friend mentioned to me very quickly after the post went up that she’d have a perfect use for it, so I told her it was hers! A loving home was indeed found!)


I ordered a few fabric basics this past weekend from fabric.com, as I often do. I’ve never been unhappy with an order from them and I always seem to be able to make it to the $35 that qualifies for free shipping. And based on this stack of fabrics, I’d be a pretty happy camper.

But then this was in the package as well:

the horror in my fabric package

Barf in my mouth! There’s GLITTER all over it. (The photo does not do it justice. Actually, nothing does it justice.)

Here’s the crazy thing though:


I personally have bought YARDS of that Amy Butler Lotus print. This, however, is not that print. I know this as a fact.

Before I slander fabric.com though, they were very accommodating when I called to tell them about the problem. They’re sending out my new fabric to me and told me I didn’t have to worry about sending back the extra cut.

Now, what the heck do I do with glittery, fairy fabric?!

on the board


I’m not sure what the problem was, but I was in a funk on Sunday. The previous day I had some trouble with the lunch sacks that I’ve been working on, and it landed me in a grumpy, un-creative mood all day. I tried so hard to pull myself out of it, but things were just not meant to be. I needed a little break.

fold over clutch

I finally managed to pull it together late in the day and I put this little fold over clutch together–not perfect, but a decent first try. I bought the pattern from Keyka Lou and although I think it’s a well written pattern, I’m just not sold on the usefulness of it. Do people really carry clutches? I’m not sure if I could classify myself as a clutch-carrier. I thought they’d look really cute all patchworked-out, but I’m not sure if it’s worth my time to make more. I’m just feeling lukewarm about it.


So although I’m not feeling so grumpy, I feel like my inspiration is still dwindling. I know the deadlines for spring shows are just around the corner and I’m trying to get a jump on having things made.

Is it the cold weather that’s making me feel so sluggish? I’m wishing for spring warmth to sneak in and melt my frozen bones.


…home from work, Friday afternoon. A sunny sewing room. No other plans for the weekend other than to spend my time here.

Happiness is making things. Sometimes it makes me so happy that I can’t even believe it.

Happy Friday, Friends.

snow day patchwork #3

snow day patchwork #2

snow day patchwork #1

Snow day, part 2 was all about the sewing. It. Was. Wonderful.

These are all the starts of new lunchboxes. I had started out just planning on working on one–the top picture–which is going to be for a friend’s sister. I love the fabric (It’s a Hoot by Moda) and was excited to get started on it. I got into a real rhythm, and by the end of the night, I had all of this work done. Nothing’s finished, of course, but everything seems to be ready for the next step now.

Back to see the kids for one more day this week. As strange as it might seem, these last two days of being home made me pine for the summer. Having all day to sew makes me so very happy.


Hurray for a snow day!

2.2.11 Chocolate with sprinkles

We got a lot of snow and even more wind last night up through mid-day today. It’s hard to tell how much we really got since it blew around so much, but I think it’s a safe guess at around a foot. Not quite as much as the weather people were calling for, but it’s certainly more than we’ve had all winter.

up to my calves

As much as I had wanted to do today on my day off, I ended up doing a lot of snoozing and movie watching to try to knock out my cold instead. Hudson and I did make it out to play in the snow together this afternoon and I was glad for that. I’ll have another shot to make a day off worth it in the sewing room tomorrow–I’ve already received my phone call letting me know that school is called off for tomorrow too!


I seem to be hit by my first winter cold this season, and I’m showing it. Despite big plans, Saturday’s biggest accomplishment was going out for a walk with Ben and Hudson. Early evening found me surrounded by handwork and other projects on the couch, but instead, I spent my time with my head back, snoring.

Today though, I figured if I could sit while I sewed, instead of standing at my work table, I’d probably be able to get more done. I dragged out my machine to the kitchen, made a pot of tea and actually got a few things done. It wasn’t the sewing blow-out that I had hoped for, but I’m okay with that for now.

snow watch

I can’t help but be a little excited too–they’re calling for up to a foot of snow here by Wednesday. Let’s just say that the adults at school wouldn’t mind a little mid-week snow day…possibly even more so than the kids would. My fingers are already crossed.

different stages of block making

I’m back to working on my 9 Patch quilt top, and I’m having a lot of trouble making up my mind with how I really want to finish it.

After last week’s debate over whether or not to add more blocks, I’ve finally decided that I’d be upset with myself if I left it as is, and have begun making more blocks. I’m happy enough with the way the blocks are turning out, but I just feel like I could be doing more with this design.


I’m considering making the top a little more in-depth by adding more white lines and simple blocks in the centers of sashings. As much as I think it could look neat, I’m just not sold on it. If I add too much I feel as though it could look messy and cluttered instead of sleek. BUT, if I leave the top as is, I know it would look fine. My concern is that I will always be thinking that I could have done something more with it to make it different and more unique. I’m just frustrated with it.

I’ll continue to weigh out my options after I finish the rest of the blocks. Feel free to input with your suggestions and ideas.


Despite winter being AWFUL right now (the windchills were so low today we couldn’t even go out for recess today at school) it was finally sunny, all day long. It helped break up the monotony of what has felt like weeks of cold, gray depressing-ness.

I rushed home to take some natural light photographs in my warm kitchen so that I can begin listing the items that I have left over from my holiday shows in my Etsy shop this evening and through the weekend. I only got about 5 items photographed, but the sun felt so good through the window while it lasted.

I hope you too find warmth and color on this winter weekend. Happy Friday.